Coral Stone also known as coralina stone is similar to other types of natural stone tiles, but with an added heat-reduction effect. Coral Stone is made from coral in the sea that is no longer biologically active.

Coral Stone Application

Coral stones are collected from the ocean and are considered to be the most slip resistant of all the natural stones, even when wet.

This is due to the high level of porosity of the stone, which makes it the prefect tile to use for pool decks and outside showers.

This natural feature is also what makes the stone the best heat resistant tile in its class. Not to mention the added beauty that its colour and texture brings to the space.

Come in and find this natural beauty in our showroom and let us help you create the perfect outdoor shower or pool deck.

Where to use coral stone tiles:

  • Indoor / outdoor
  • Wall & Floor Tiles
  • Ideal for patio, pool decks, outdoor showers, and wall cladding.
Ease of Maintenance