Play With Patterns

If you are  ready to have a look at some fantastic examples of patterned tiles for your living space, we stock a wide variety for every personality and style here at Creative Building Finishes. We have chosen just a few favorites below.

pattern tile white in Jamaica

While we may naturally think to only use tiles in the dining room, bathroom, kitchen or court yard, using textured tiles can be a great way to give any room a bit of a stylish upgrade.

pattern grey white tiles in Jamaica

By using patterned wall tiles, you can develop your bathroom space into something that brings in warmth and style without losing the practicality of the space. Shop our Folk Mosaic tiles today!

pattern mosaic white tile Jamaica

A tile that has a repeating pattern is another way of adding more layer of texture to your living space. Our Charm collection of tiles can create an inviting space for relaxation with simply accessorising your bathroom space with fluffy towels, mats and decor items. Visit our showroom today!

pattern light tiles Charm

If you crave a clean finish, consider our white pattern tiles as you see here.  These tiles can add dimension and interest to your living space

pattern white Diamante tiles

Pattern tiles can fulfil the desire to add style, variety and creativity to the  walls in your living space. Be sure to check out our wide range of patterned wall tiles at Creative Building Finishes. Get creative with our pattern tiles!

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