Do you think neutral colored tiles are boring? Well, we are going debunk the myth that bold/ bright colored tiles are better. Neutral looks are very popular but if you love bright, bold or dark colors, don’t be afraid to use them. Just balance a bright color with neutrals.

Here, you’ll find alot of inspirational pictures of real spaces so you can have a better image of how a certain tile will look in a real home. So, put down those bold colored tiles, at least for a moment, and read this first…

A New Age Of Neutral!

Dive Plus Mix tile brown and grey

Dive Plus Mix tile options

While traditional stone looks are still popular in 2019, neutral colored tiles are also on the rise! there is always room for a pop of bright colors in your living space but there are also many reasons to stick with neutral color schemes for your projects.

elven granite tile cream

Neutral Color Tiles Work For Any Style!

The options are endless when designing a room with warm and welcoming natural and neutral colors. Get this gorgeous neutral look with tiles from Creative Building Finishes!

Paliano umber wood tile

Neutral colors don’t have to be boring! In fact, a calm, neutral colored tile allows you to bring out some pretty bold elements into your home design that may otherwise look loud.

Embrace Nature In Your Design!

Neutral colors can work with any style or range of taste and the living space in the image below can attest to that.

Atessa Marfil cream tile

Neutral Color Schemes Add Character

Today’s homeowners are opting for neutral or light-colored tiles to complement their accessories . As seen in the image below, our Corten Beige tile paired with vintage-style wood  sinks and faucet gives this bathroom a timeless finish that the homeowners will enjoy for years to come.

Coten Beige tile

There you have it; neutral color tiles are the ideal choice for any interior style, statement or home design.  Regardless of your taste, neutral works with everything! Nothing beats seeing the tile in person. Come in to browse our huge selection of tile options. Make it Creative Building Finishes!

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