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The Natural Beauty of Porcelain Wood Tiles

The look of wood creates a warm and timeless feel to any home.  However, hard wood floors aren’t the right fit for everyone as they can be expensive and difficult to install. Not to mention hard to maintain if susceptible to moisture, damage and scratching.

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Porcelain wood tiles are however a wonderful alternative to the real thing. They are artfully crafted from super-fine porcelain clay that is fired at a much higher temperature than ordinary ceramic tiles. Whether glazed or unglazed, they are both beautiful and dense hence their durability.

With its striking resemblance to its counterpart, not even Mother Nature can tell the difference! From shades and designs that mimic pine, cherry, oak and aged variations of these; you’re sure to find a style to suit your space at Creative Building Finishes.



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      Thank you for your interest in our tiles! We would be happy to provide you with the price of the particular tiles you are interested in.

      The cost will depend on the size (length), type of wood-look tile chosen (ceramic vs porcelain) and other factors.

      We need additional information to assist you further. Please send your phone number to us via email here – or call us at (876) 929-5553 anytime during business hours.

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