Make a Statement!

When most people think about a statement piece, fashion is usually what first comes to mind; little do they know that tiles transcend being just the floor you walk on and can be used as the main attraction in your home or office space.

By definition, a statement piece in fashion is any accessory or clothing that is used to showcase an individual’s personal style…but how about integrating that personal style into your home? Think about the space that you want to be tiled and envision it as the body and the wall & floor tiles are the accessories and clothing that are going to bring it to life!

If you are a lover of shapes, clean lines and a pop of color, our wide array of hexagon tiles may appeal to you and your style.

Make a Statement - Hex Basic Red

These are perfect for making a BOLD and vivacious statement with a lovely blend of colors or keeping it simple with just one tone.

The beautiful natural cut stone of a Split Face mosaic maybe ideal for your space if you are a lover of the great outdoors or nature on a whole. These are great to use as a feature or accent wall in a living or bedroom. Split Face, certainly adds a level of warmth and sophistication to any room they are placed in. Make your statement and bask in the earthy comforts of Split Face in your home.

SplitFace Feature wall

Porcelain marble-look tiles are a great choice if you are going for a very classy, contemporary look and feel. These are highly recommended by professional interior designers as it captures the smooth texture, the natural veins and the durability of real Italian marble.

Make a Statement - Marble look tiles

For those who enjoy a very rustic ambiance, wood look tiles are ideal for your taste. These tiles embody the look and feel of a hard wood floor without the maintenance. The beautiful hues of a warm oak or the bold pop of a cherry wood can transform your living space to heights of comfort and luxury all while maintaining your preferred rustic look.

The next time you are considering having some tiling work done, Make a Statement! Own that room with your personal style and leave visitors in awe. Tiles are not just a flooring solution; they are art.

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