Marble has long been a sought after natural stone for its spectacular natural appearance and lavish look. We carry a range of marble tiles in various colors and sizes at our showroom in Kingston, Jamaica. Marble tiles are a product of natural stone from mountains around the globe and thus, every tile is unique. This means that the variation in colour and veining will differ with each tile.


Marble Application

Unlike most of its natural stone counterparts, marble can take a very high polish which makes for glamorous and stunning spaces. This stone is also known to be a soft one and requires more maintenance and care to prevent stains, chips and cracks.

This natural stone tile is most often used in bathrooms (wall and flooring), feature wall or door surrounds, sculptures, tub decks, patios, etc. Marble tiles can also be used in the kitchen but due to the soft and porous nature of marble (which is alkaline), it is prone to scratches and stains from liquids with acids such as juices, fruits, vinegar-based products and so will require regular sealing to protect the tile.

Where to use marble tiles:

  • Indoor
  • Wall and floor tiles
  • Ideal for dining room, bedroom, living room, backsplashes, wall accents, and offices.
Ease of Maintenance