Mosaics are tiles made up of many smaller pieces of tile to create a lavish, luxurious look. Our showroom in Kingston, Jamaica boasts a sizeable collection of mosaic tiles to meet your needs. If you are looking for that one thing to make your room stand out, installing mosaic tiles is an easy choice that will add that special look.

Mosaic Tile Application

Mosaic tiles are available in multiple variations of style formats and materials. Our huge selection of mosaic tiles spans across a wide array of colors, guaranteed to match your color scheme and take your room to the next level.

They are available in natural stone, glass, ceramics and metal tiles; ranging from smooth to textured and sparkly to add another dimension of sophisticated luxury.

Where to use mosaic tiles:

  • Indoor and outdoor (small spaces)
  • Wall & Floor (glass mosaics not recommended for flooring with the exception of in a pool)
  • Ideal for kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, pools, bar wall, water features, etc.
Ease of Maintenance

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