Patterns You Never Knew You Needed

At some point or another, we may have seen subway tiles neatly installed in a brick pattern; but there are so many more patterns that can be used to make your floors more interesting. To list a few, there are, hexagons, hopscotch, striped, bordered, and banded layout patterns.


There are some spaces in our homes that are filled with lines and right angles. Our kitchens are usually of those spaces, rectangular countertops, square cabinets, and rectangular appliances. Using hexagon tiles on your floors will help to add dimension to your space and break up those sharp lines. A rule of thumb that is worth remembering is that the more angles present in a pattern will have it feeling energetic and lively.


The hopscotch pattern is a great way to remain classic while adding a unique element of design to your floors. This pattern consists of squares in varying sizes. Most seen are hopscotch patterns with two different sizes. If you decide to try this pattern, go for a different color or texture for your smaller squares for maximum Creativity.


Do you have a small room that you would like to appear larger than it is? Go for the striped pattern. Like clothing, vertical stripes creates the illusion of elongation, as it does for interiors. This pattern is best used with large format plank tiles and installed along the longest axis of the room.


Area rugs can do so much for giving a space a facelift, but are they long lasting? Will they stand up to years of wear & tear? Will they remain as beautiful after a few stains? Create the look you want to achieve with tiles! Select the decorative tile of your choice and a complimenting border and create a permanent area rug that will not be destroyed.


Quite like the striped pattern, bands also create an optical illusion which appears to make a tunnel like space seem much wider. This pattern is perfect for bathroom walls and hallways.


This pattern has been around for many years and has maintained its stylish appeal throughout those years. The herringbone pattern is ideal for the installation of wood look plank tiles, as well as any other suitable rectangular tile. Apart from its beautiful appearance, this pattern requires less difficulty to install, as opposed to its almost identical counterpart, the chevron pattern, which required cutting of the tiles.

When you decide to try one of these unique patterns on your next project, trust our knowledgeable and professional staff at Creative to guide you through the process. They will assist you in finding just the right tiles and accessories that best suit your style to give you that beautiful finish!

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