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Magnifica Encore 60" x 126" - 12mm Honed Porcelain Slab in Calacatta Oro

Magnifica Encore 60" x 126" - 12mm Honed Porcelain Slab in Calacatta Oro

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Make a dramatic statement with the Magnifica Encore Collection - a series of large-format porcelain panels. To elevate the space, the Magnifica Encore selection features book-matched slabs enhanced by advanced, innovative technology to ensure stone realism. It is also long-lasting and ultra-durable. Ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces like floors, countertops, exterior walls and facades, and more.
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Item Code 100000472
Material Porcelain
Series Name Magnifica Encore
Series Color Calacatta Oro
Actual Size 60" x 126"
Nominal Size 60" x 126"
Thickness 12 mm
Country Of Origin United States
Shade Variation
Shape Rectangle


Residential Commercial
Floors                   .                   .   
Walls                   .                   .
Countertops                   .                   .
Shower Walls                   .                   .
Showers Floors                   .                   .
Pools                   .                   .

Interior and exterior use Interior use only May be suitable for exterior floors
Legend               .            .                                      ♰

Tech Specs

Description Results ASTM#
Water Absorption ≤ .5% C373
PEI Rating 175 C1027
MOHS (Scratch Resistant) MOHS
Frost Resistant Unaffected C1026
Breaking Strength > 250 lbs C648
Chemical Resistant Unaffected C650
DCOF Acutest N/A

Care Instructions

Porcelain tiles have low porosity, are extremely durable, and low maintenance. Polished and honed porcelain tiles require the use of an impregnating or penetrating sealer before grouting, otherwise, grout release must be used. Common household spills are easy to clean with the use of a mop, warm water, and a pH-neutral cleaner. Acid-based cleaners and harsh chemicals should not be used.


Images and product samples are representative of a product’s potential characteristics. There is no guarantee that the sample product or images will 100% match the product received. Field and trim tile may not be an exact match. We reserve the right to make changes to product specifications at any time without notice. Tiles are subject to variations in color, shade, sizing, surface texture, and finish. Before installation, the installer must blend tiles from several different boxes to achieve an even distribution of color range. Installer must conduct a dry mock layout under proper lighting conditions before installation. It is the consumer’s responsibility to inspect the product before installation to ensure satisfaction. Once installed, the product is deemed accepted. Reference the most current TCNA Handbook, ANSI, manufacturer's specifications, and the Bedrosians® Care & Maintenance guide for installation, outdoor use, care, and maintenance information. Improper installation, application, and/or use voids warranty. POLISHED/HONED CERAMIC & PORCELAIN For installation of all polished ceramic/porcelain, polished glazed ceramic/porcelain, and all honed ceramic/porcelain tiles, the Manufacturer requires the use of a grout release or sealer before grouting. The manufacturer also requires the use of a grout color that matches the predominant color of the tile. Do not use acidic cleaners on polished ceramic/porcelain, polished glazed ceramic/porcelain, or honed ceramic/porcelain tiles. FLOOR APPLICATION The maximum allowable installation offset is 33%. The minimum grout joint must be 3/16 inch. Please refer to the most current TCNA Handbook. The manufacturer strongly recommends the use of a leveling system during installation. DO NOT INSTALL IN POOLS, SPAS/HOT TUBS, AND/OR SUBMERGED APPLICATIONS UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED.

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