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Montolit 36" Masterpiuma Manual Tile Cutter

Montolit 36" Masterpiuma Manual Tile Cutter

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The Montolit Masterpiuma manual tile cutter is the choice of the professional: achieve quick, precise, and clean cuts on porcelain, ceramic, and glass with no mess or noise. This cutter scores the surface of the tile, and breaks for a clean, even cut, cutting even the hardest porcelain and glass tiles up to ¾” inch thick. The Masterpiuma features a patented industry first oil fed incision system for smooth cuts and the nylon handle roller automatically adjusts to tile thickness. This cutter includes a supplementary breaking foot for mosaic and diagonal cuts, a support arm for large tiles, a long-life titanium incision wheel, a fully adjustable guide ranging from 0-90° and an integrated carrying handle for easy transport. The 93P3 model cuts tiles up to 36” long.

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