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Odyn Grout Sealer Bottle 2 Wheels

Odyn Grout Sealer Bottle 2 Wheels

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Disperse grout sealer cleanly and confidently to floor, wall, and countertop grout joints using a grout sealer bottle with wheels. This bottle features a unique design made for serious craftsmen and artisans. It features an easy to handle body and two wheels (⅛ in. and ¼ in.). Great for wall and countertop grout joints. The ODYN Grout Sealer Bottle is recyclable. How to use the ODYN Grout Sealer Bottle: Before coating, cure new grout joints 48 hours prior. Next, fill the bottle with sealer. After, use the bottle wheel to carefully roll along the surface of your project. While rolling, apply a slight pressure to bottle sides, squeezing out grout sealer. When finished, wipe any excess sealer from the bottle tip and rinse the wheel after use. WARNINGS: 1. Always wear eye protection which complies with current ANSI Standards Z87.1. 2. Always disconnect power source before using tools on electrical boxes, fittings, or any workpiece that may conduct electricity. Electric shock or electrocution could result.

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