Natural Stone Wall tile cladding indoor

Sensational Stone

Natural stone tiles are beautiful and versatile depending on the type of stone you decide to use in your space. You can use slate or tumbled travertine to create a warm rustic feel or polished marble to create a sleek and luxurious setting.

As a natural product, stone is less uniform in color and pattern, when compared to ceramic and porcelain, and requires more care and planning for use and installation. Each piece of stone is unique and that makes every flooring application one of a kind and different.

natural stone travertine tile jamaica

At Creative, we offer a wide range of colours, sizes and types of natural stone great for creating versatile outdoor and relaxing indoor spaces.


Natural stone honed from the mountains help reconnect a space to the natural world.


Using natural stone in your bathroom creates a spa like effect with the varying colours and textures that increase the feeling of being in nature.


Polished marble floors and walls give your space a sparkle like no other stone can.

Most natural stones are quite porous and need to be treated with a sealing agent periodically to protect its surface. Natural Stones must be handled with the utmost care (Ask us about the care and maintenance of natural stones).


Stone Mosaics offer endless possibilities for both modern and classic design. We offer a wide range of mosaics that can be used to accentuate your natural stone selections or on their own as lovely features in bathrooms, kitchens or in outdoor areas. Our wide range of stone mosaics offer you the chance to create limitless designs and styles to satisfy your individual style.


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