Terrazzo Tiles – the second time around

Terrazzo tiles are back and creating quite a stir in the world of home design… again. These tiles are popular with architects and interior designers who want their projects to have the visual effect that bring modernity to both walls and floors.

Terrazzo commercial floor tiles

Terrazzo dates back to over 500 years, when new use was found for discarded marble remnants, which was mixed with cement and other aggregates, poured to create a durable elegant alternative to marble floors for the less fortunate Europeans. Due to its relative low cost back then, terrazzo floors were extremely popular. Fast forward to present day, with the advent of the ceramic tile industry, terrazzo was soon replaced with more stylish and varied flooring options. Today, terrazzo porcelain tiles are now a throwback trend making its way back into the world of interiors.

Terrazo Hexagon tiles light

Hexagon Terrazzo light tiles

Black Terrazzo floor tile

rectangular Black Terrazzo floor tile

With its luxe and elegant look, modern day terrazzo-looking tiles provide more variety in shape, size and color. They are also more cost-effective and easier to install than the pouring of the traditional terrazzo floors.

Wall light Grey Terrazzo tile

Wall light Grey Terrazzo tile

Floor gray Terrazzo tile

Floor gray Terrazzo tile rectangle

Iseo Light Terrazzo tile

Iseo Light Terrazzo tile rectangle

When it comes to home flooring, the rich look of terrazzo porcelain tiles is difficult to beat! More interesting than polished concrete and warmer than marble, let us bring new life to your space! Make a difference! Shop Terrazzo tiles today!

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