Tips on choosing your grout colour

Selecting the right tiles for any project can be quite a tedious yet rewarding experience, however if the incorrect grout colour is chosen, this may not only change the style of your design but may make your tile job look horrible and ugly. As they always say, “the devil is in the details” and so, here are a few details you should be mindful of when selecting your grout colours.

According to experts, it is best to select several grout colour samples, spacing them around and in between your tile sample so as to get a proper match or contrast.testing grout colors

If you’re still not sure and willing to go the extra mile for perfection, you could have your tiler mock up some sample tile-grout combinations to see which style you prefer.

test grout on mosaic

Also, here are a few basic grouting tips to help you decide what style to go with:


By matching the grout and tile color, the grout lines become less pronounced and the tile itself is accentuated. White grout between white tiles gives a clean, bright look and brings an illusion of space to small rooms.

wall ceramicceramic-mosaic-tile-in-jamaica


By contrasting the tile and grout colors, you draw attention to the pattern and layout of the tile overall. This may be the best choice with detailed geometric or decorative patterns. The subway look is trending right now. It’s bold, industrial, retro and there’s the added bonus that it hides the dirt so it’s good for areas that are vulnerable to stains such as above the stove top and on the shower floor.

contrast of grout 3322e50c11d316804e62091f81c9bf37 (1)


Opting for light neutral colored grouts in grays, beiges and browns is probably the safest bet in many bathrooms.

There are pros and cons to both ends of the spectrum. Darker grouts hide dirt and stains but are also more prone to fading and staining from harsh cleaners. Lighter grouts, on the other hand, are more likely to show dirt. Some experts recommend shades that are neither dark nor super light. Colors like tan, beige, light brown and grey are easier to keep clean and less prone to fading and discoloration.




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