Travertine belongs to the larger family of stone called limestone also known as Calcium Carbonate (not to be confused with marble). It comes in many different colors including ivory, beige, walnut, brown, red, and gold. Travertine can have four major finishes, polished (shiny), honed (matte), brushed and tumbled (textured surfaces).

Travertine Application

This natural stone has been used in the construction of buildings for thousands of years. In today’s construction, travertine is used for flooring, cladding on buildings, showers, wall coverings and counter tops.

Since travertine comes in all different sizes, from small mosaics, to 36″x36″ tiles, to huge slabs, it is used for numerous architectural items – interior walls such as backsplashes, travertine sinks, floors, mosaic tiles, statuary, fireplace surrounds, tub surrounds, vanities, and end tables. Travertine stone is also used for accessories such as light switch plates, trim, vases, and coasters.

It is a natural stone and therefore no two pieces are the same. The stone is quite porous in its natural texture making it very slip-resistant and therefore an excellent choice for patios, pool decks and shower floors. This natural beauty gained its popularity mainly because of its rustic classy look and high level of durability.

Creating a unique look with travertine stone is simple. This stone is widely used as the colour does not fade once sealed and it stands the test of time. Mix and match with other natural stones for a more dramatic look and feel. Or, use it alone for sheer simplicity.

Where to use travertine tiles:

  • Wall & Floor
  • Indoor & outdoor
  • Ideal for kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, living, dining rooms, patios, pool decks, etc.

This natural stone will give you years of beauty to enjoy.
Come in and choose your travertine today!

Ease of Maintenance