TRIMS – The Ideal, Professional Finish for Your Tiles!

You have selected the perfect tile for your space and are ready to order.

Have you thought about which trim pieces you will need to give the job that professional look? This may not be the most exciting part of your tile shopping, but it is a necessary one.

For most tile installations, the finishing pieces are a no-brainer: You go with either the matching surface bullnose or metallic that matches your fixtures.

In other cases, you might consider decorative trim to add a custom touch. However, trims are not just fancy, they are functional too.

Here are six (6) other options you may use for finishing off your tile in style.

1. LED

LED trims are used to highlight, frame and illuminate the surface of walls for a smooth and pleasant light. They work especially well with steps, lighting the tread surface and providing extra safety.

LED Trim staircase

2. Corners, Edges & Angles

This type of trim was developed to protect tile edges or any other building material from damage due to mechanical stress.

They are also used as an additional finish for safety, with slip-resistant grooves. They may be used for both interior and exterior purposes.

Tile Trim Edges Bath

Tile trim Stairs closeup

298A step trim3. Expansion

The use of expansion trims or joints as they are referred to, are necessary when installing tiles in large areas, such as airports, hotel lobbies, and showrooms. The main purpose of this trim is to absorb pressure or tension stress, as well as the habitual flooring expansion due to temperature fluctuations and earth movement. They essentially help to avoid any breakage or distortion through compression.

Expansion joint trim

4. Transitional

Transitional trims are ideally used for unevenness in flooring, where different materials have been used, whether in size or texture. It is also used as a complimentary agent to tie two (2) different styles or looks together.

transitional trims2

transitional trims15. Cove

This particular type of trim is used in the inner corners between walls with tiles, such as bathrooms whether they are laid on the wall or floor. The trim rounds off the corners for a smooth finish as well as ease of cleaning.


6. Wooden Step Trims

This type of trim made up of high-quality wood and aluminum, is used to finish off steps. The wood used is IROKO, a tropical wood, which is highly resistant and very suitable for the use on floorings as it guarantees long-term hardness because of its strong resistance.

Wood IROKO trim

Another type of wood-finish trim in store, is one where its intended use is to embellish and protect tile corners.

This trim is also fixed to another surface made of aluminum which, thanks to its hardness, is highly resistant.

Aluminum Wood trim

Stop by our showroom and speak with one of our knowledgeable Sales Representatives for more information on our wide selection of trims and tile accessories and don’t forget when getting tiles to Get Creative!

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