Why Not Size UP?

They say bigger is better and as it relates to tile trends this may be true. Years ago, tiles were not commonly made in large sizes due to breakage simply from their own weight, but technology has improved and so did the sturdiness of these large format tiles. The popularity of these tiles has increased significantly over the years.

A 40 x 40cm (16” x 16”) tile was once considered a large tile.

Today, there are even much larger tiles being produced like; 80 x  80cm, 90 x 90cm & 60 x 120cm to list a few.




60 x 120cm

These larger tiles were once used most in commercial spaces like hotels and restaurants, but they have made quite the dramatic crossover into residential spaces and WHY NOT SIZE UP?

We carry a very wide range of large format tiles that would be perfect for any home or commercial space. We have a great deal of styles and patterns to choose from to adorn your space.



Why choose large format tiles?

  1. These tiles are aesthetically pleasing, thanks to the reduced amount of grout lines present after installation. This gives it a sleek and seamless finish.
  2. With less grout lines, it becomes much easier to clean your flooring.
  3. Another reason that many persons choose larger tiles is that they are able to make a small room look much more spacious than it really is.
  4. Large format tiles are easier to set and fit in place. It requires less measuring and cutting which in turn reduces installation time.relationship

Larger tiles are great for open spaces; when installing them, choosing a grout color that matches the tile will further make them less visible. They can be used for both the floor and wall, as it offers a sleek and dramatic alternative to paint or wallpaper. No need to repaint or even having to think about staining the wallpaper, just a simple wipe and the tiles are clean. When working with large format tiles the floor or wall must be very flat, next to perfect flat! If they are placed on a surface that isn’t completely flat it will result in lippage, this is where one edge of a tile is higher than the tile next to it creating an uneven surface.

Another factor that may cause lippage is the use of incorrect thinset. Large format tiles have a specific thinset that should be used in its application; large format thinset. If an ordinary thinset is used, the weight of the tile itself would force it to sink into the thinset which may leave each tile on different levels – lippage. Large format thinset was made to be of a thicker consistency. This ensures that the tile sits on top of the thinset.

Large format tiles make a great impact, an aesthetically pleasing living space and easier maintenance —they have countless style and function benefits. Therefore, the next time you have a tiling project, think of how best these trendy and functional large format tiles would bring the room to life


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